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  • Wed, July 12, 2023 1:24 AM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

    Breaking News! 

    Photo Gallery

    The Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida, Inc. (HANA) hosted its Annual Leadership Retreat at the beautiful Hilton, Hotel in Naples, Florida, July 7-9, 2023. This year’s retreat was exceptional! Mme President Katiana St Thomas Azemar, MSNEd, RN welcomed all attendees with warmth, hugs, and positive synergy as she articulated her platform and vision for HANA of Florida during her term 2023-2025 by showing the Leaders a well-poised video of her recent speech. The Theme for the retreat “To Foster an All-Inclusive HANA While Ensuring the Legacy Lives On” was quite evident by having the Members of the Executive Board, Past Presidents of the Chapter, All Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs, and invited guests - Leaders from HANA of Palm Beach Chapter in attendance with full participation and engagement.

    The first evening of the Leadership retreat was facilitated by Mme 1st Vice-President Myrnelle Fleur-Aime, Owner & Designer of Michou Med Apparel who sponsored the retreat’s bags and notebook for attendees. Mrs. Fleur-Aime, MSN, AAPRN, FNP-C, “A Transformational Nurse Leader of the Year 2023” acclaimed by University of Miami, did an outstanding job keeping everyone focused with all the activities and presentations. Kudos to Mme 2nd Vice-President - Katiana Blaise, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN, “Nurse of the Year” of HANA of Florida & Chair of Activity & Co-Chairs for going above and beyond ensuring the AV equipment and the necessary supplies purchased and set-up on time for the success of the retreat.

    Day One begun with a History of HANA of Florida by Dr. Marie O. Etienne, Chair of Public Relations & Historian in absence of Mrs. Nadine Barreau, Chair of Recruitment & Retention also an Historian of HANA of Florida; followed by the History of Haitian Alliance Nurses Association International (HANA-I) which consists of all the HANA Chapters. Dr. Etienne, President of HANA-I gave the update of the recent HANA-I’s historic leadership convention that was held in Chicago, June 22-25, 2023 at Malcolm X College in collaboration with Alpha Beta Epsilon at-Large and Malcolm X City College of Chicago.

    Other important parts of evening of the retreat was the review of the current Advisory Board Members of HANA and recommendations of new advisors for 2023-2024 was proposed. The Calendar of Events was reviewed by Mme Secretary - Dr. Caroline Elistin, DNP, MSNEd, AAPRN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, MBA ensuring HANA events and community partners events are included in the calendar.  The Legislative Affairs Committee has a new Chair - Ms. Fayola Delica, BSHSE, BSN, RN, D. Min.(h.c.) did an excellent presentation on “Engagement in the Community Through Nursing Advocacy”. Dr. Delica stressed the importance for members to be actively engaged in advocacy, voter engagement, and to complete the new Advocacy Survey seeking HANA members’ input on issues affecting the nursing profession and the community. The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to August 15, 2023. A review and importance of using Wild Apricot and demonstration was done by Mme 1st Vice-President Myrnelle Fleur-Aime.

    The evening ended with networking, laughter, great food, and we adjourned.

    Day Two - Facilitator: Dr. Odiane Homy Medacier, PhD, APRN, FNP-C, Parliamentarian & Chair of International Affairs was amazing as usual in her leadership role. The day begun with Welcoming Remarks from Mme President St Thomas Azemar reminding the Team of her vision which is “Inclusivity”. She wants everyone to feel valued, included, and feel love and compassion in HANA. Dr. Caroline Elistine did an icebreaker which was quite fun and educational. The first presentation of day two was entitled “Excelling in Your Nursing Career” was outstanding! The Guest Presenter was Mrs. Thaysha Dutes-Dunn, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, President of HANA of Palm Beach.

    The Treasurer Team: Jacinth Montoban, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, Treasurer & Guerline Verger-Coreus, MBA, MSN, RN, Assistant Treasurer along with the Finance Committee (Amina Dubuisson, DNP, RN, MBA/HCM, LNHA, CDP, Dr. Marlene Cesar, MD, APRN, PMHNP, CCC, Dr. Guerna Blot, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, MBA/HCM, OCN, Pauline Louis-Magiste, MSNEd, RN) - a new committee created by Mme President St. Thomas Azemar, presented the proposed budget with extensive review, discussions and recommendations, finally, it was approved by the Board and Leadership Team with a huge round of applause for the hard work of the entire Team.

    Day two of the retreat continued with an opening prayer by Dr. Fayola Delica, Chair of LAC. An overview of all HANA Commitees including the Wellness Committee - A new committee formed by Mme President St Thomas Azemar focusing on the wellbeing of all members of the association. The wellness committee presentation “How to Maintain a Robust Mental Health” was well done by Dr. Marlene Cesar, Co-Chair in the absence of Mme Chair Dr. Marjorie Lozama whose mourning the death of her beloved sister Yolene “Fifi” Francois. Our deepest and sincere condolences to Mme. Chair Marjorie Lozama and family during this difficult time. We appreciate the leaders who attended, and also missed and appreciate those leaders who were not able to attend the retreat due to unforeseen cirmcustances, but contributed in other ways. New policies and procedures that were created under the leadership of Mme Rose Valcin, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC, Immediate Past President were presented, reviewed and approved. Dr. Guerna Blot, Chair of Newsletter & Dr. Marie O. Etienne, Editor-in-Chief of HANA Newsletter presented the April 2023 issue which was delayed for many unforeseen circumstances, was shared at the retreat. Grants Committee Chair - Dr. Blot implored the members to help seek grant opportunities to help sustain HANA activities especially the TV/Radio show which need financial support ASAP. 

    All HANA Committees overview, goals and objectives were presented by the following leaders:

    Hospitality - Nitchelle Nazon, Chair

    Finance & Policy Committees - Dr. Amina Dubuisson, Chair

    Bylaws, Grants & Newsletter Committees - Dr. Guerna Blot, Chair

    Activity Committee - Katiana Blaise, Chair 

    Marketing Committee - Rose Valcin, Chair (excused absent), Dr. Venante Servalis and Team presented.

    Education Committee - Pauline Louis-Magiste, Chair

    International Affairs Committee (IAC) - Dr. Odiane H. Medacier, Chair

    Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) - Dr. Fayola Delica

    Wellness Committee - Dr. Marjorie Lozama (excused absent), Co-Chair Dr. Marlene Cesar presented.

    Recruitment & Retention (R & R) - Nadine Barreau, Chair (excused absent) - Midlaine Pean, MBA, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Co-Chair

    Public Relations (PR) - Dr. Marie O. Etienne, Chair

    The last presentation of Day two was entitled “Inclusivity in Leadership” presented by Dr. Marie O. Etienne, DNP, APRN, FNP, PNP, D. Min.(h.c), PLNC. This presentation was lively, fun, and engaging. Past Presidents’ remarks were done along with closing remarks, and we adjourned.

    Day two evening continued with a fabulous networking dinner where everyone wore yellow which means “happy and cheerful positivity” said Mme President St. Thomas Azemar. Dinner was great while reminiscing about old memories and creating new memories. Words cannot express the joyful, loving, and amazing time we shared as leaders of this great association said Mme President St Thomas Azemar. Special thanks to everyone who contributed financially and for taking the time to participate at the retreat; especially our great sponsors: Michou Med Apparel & Pastor Wilbert & First Lady Dr. Vernante Servalis for donating the 15 passenger van for some members to travel to Naples, Florida. Special thanks to PR Team: Dr. Marie Etienne, Chair and Team members Emmanuela Jean-Baptiste, Pauline Louis-Magiste, Fayola Delica, Co-Chair, Hilary Guillaume, Co-Chair for assisting with taking pictures, videos and live posts/recording. We appreciate you!

    Last, but at least, Day three started with breakfast followed by Sermon by Reverend Wilbert Servalis, Pastor of Adonai Baptist Church, Miami, FL. Pastor Servalis’s sermon focused on “Unity in Community” referring to HANA as a community. He stated that HANA is an organization that he respects and admires because of the mission and the organization stands for “unity and service”. Pastor Servalis quoted the scriptures Psalm 150: 1-6; Ephesians 4:3; John 13:35; Psalm 131:1-2 stated that “you cannot be united without love”. He also posited that HANA as an organization has the capacity to change the world through unity”. He stressed the importance of harmony, unity, trust, love, forgiveness, respect and appreciate one’s uniqueness and individuality; avoid division. “Moving forward we will continue the legacy of HANA in Unity, Harmony & Inclusivity”, said Mme President Katiana St Thomas Azemar.

    Photo Gallery

  • Thu, July 29, 2021 9:36 PM | Rose Valcin

    HANA of Florida 2021 Leadership Retreat begins on Friday, June 25, 2021 at Cape Canaveral, Florida with over 30 members of the Leadership Team gathered to discuss the strategic budget of 2021-2022 for the approval of the Board. This year’s theme for the retreat under the leadership of Mme. President Rose Valcin, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC is “Moving from Resiliency and Soaring into Greater Heights” is quite fitting to begin the retreat. Members were welcomed and greeted with an ice breaker, by Mme President Valcin, the Executive Board, and Mme Chair of Hospitality Youseline Bazile, BSN, RN, Hospitality Team followed by the outstanding presentation entitled: “How to Unlock your Potential? by Odiane H. Medacier, PhD, APRN, FNP-C. Special Thanks to our sponsors: Arcadicia Medical Center, BES Distribution of America & AMHE.

  • Thu, July 29, 2021 9:29 PM | Rose Valcin

    On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, HANA of Florida received a Proclamation recognizing Nurses from Honorable Commissioner Dr. Barbara Sharief. Mme President Rose Valcin represented HANA very well. She was accompanied by Mme Secretary Katiana Blaise and Mme Chair of PR - Dr. Marie Etienne.

  • Thu, July 29, 2021 9:19 PM | Rose Valcin

    Press Release for Immediate Release

    Miami, Florida - Nurses Week Service was held on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at Adonai Baptist Church in Miami, Florida where the Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida, Inc. (HANA) President Rose Valcin, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC and members joined hands to celebrate and honor nurses for their selfless, caring, compassion, and dedicated services to their patients, families, and communities amidst COVID-19 pandemic. The service was conducted by Rev. Dr. Mariot Valcin, Senior Pastor who shared some words of wisdom and powerful tribute to all nurses. There were representatives from other nursing association such as the Jamaican Nurses Association of Florida, Inc., Miami Chapter Black Nurses Association, Inc., the Indian Nurses Association of South Florida, Florida Nurses Association, South Region, and the Haitian Alliance Nurses Association International (HANA-I). It was a great event Indeed!

  • Mon, April 19, 2021 11:09 PM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

    Press Release for Immediate Release -

    The Legacy of HANA of Florida continues as the Outgoing 16th President - Pauline Louis-Magiste, MSNEd, APN, RN passed on the Florence Nightgale Lamp to the Incoming 17th President - Rose Valcin, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC at the 37th Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The 37th Annual Scholarship Fundraising & Awards Hybrid Gala of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida, Inc. (HANA) was very memorable and successful with a limited number of guests - 70 attendees at the Biscayne Bay Marriott Hotel due to COVID-19 prevention CDC guidelines and social distancing by having the other attendees were live via Zoom. This year’s theme is HANA: Leading. Excelling and Innovating Beyond Limits. Eighteen (18) Scholarships were awarded to nursing students from accredited schools from South Florida and in Haiti. The gala was memorable and historic because of Mme President Pauline Louis-Magiste, MSNEd, APN, RN and her Team/members led and served passionately in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic as she faced many challenges during her presidency such as Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic. Mrs. Louis-Magiste’s primary goal as the 16th President of HANA of Florida was to revamp the health educational programs via TV & Radio talk shows to educate and promote health. We are happy to report that she has met her goal by bringing back “Koze Sante with HANA” via radio on WSRF 1580 AM every Saturday morning at 11:00 am and TV show on Island TV Channel 578 on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM sponsored by The Miami Foundation, United Front, Moorehouse College of Medicine and Primary Care Medical Center as she serves as one of the new Co-Hosts addressing chronic diseases, COVID-19 prevention, education on vaccination, and mental health impact of COVID-19 on nurses and the community. Under her tutelage, HANA had its first Healthy Heart Walk & Wellness Fair in conjunction with heart disease awareness and prevention month addressing the importance of maintain healthy heart and disease prevention. HANA also sponsored and participated in the 2020 Mental Health Summit held in Haiti in collaboration with Rebati Sante Mental, Inc. Mrs. Louis-Magiste quickly adapt to technology using the Zoom platform to keep members and the community engaged in the midst of the pandemic. “I would like to reinforce and stress the importance of getting tested for COVID19, being vaccinated, and staying healthy physically and mentally to protect your health, family, and your community”, said President Louis-Magiste. Another important goal for her was to strengthen her relationship with HANA’s 11 Chapters through mutual respect, trust, and unity involvement as we embarked on the new journey with HANA International to maintain the legacy of this prestigious organization, and she has accomplished that goal and will continue to remain engaged in HANA-I.

    Mme President Louis-Magiste presented the 2021 Honorees and Award Recipients: Marjorie Lozama, MSNEd, APRN, PMHNP-BC, CDMS - HANA Wall of Fame for her tireless efforts and outstanding contribution to the nursing profession and maintaining HANA’s legacy. The 2021 Honorees are: Emmanuela Jean-Baptise, BSN, BS, RN - Recipient of the Beacon of Hope Award; Dr. Guerda Nicolas, Professor in the Educational and Psychological Studies department at University of Miami, School of Education and Human Development; Secretary General of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Association; and Co-Founder of Ayiti Community Trust - Recipient of HANA’s Humanitarian Award; Shalom Community Church Broward Campus - Faith in Action Award, Leonie Hermantin, JD

    Community Action Award;

    City of North Miami - Community Action. Special thanks and appreciation for the unwavering support and financial contribution received from Leonie Hermantin towards HANA’s Scholarship in Memory of the Beloved Mrs. Warda Scott Mehu, Former Dean of the School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Our special thanks also go to the Scott Family. HANA awarded the Rookie of the Year - Katiana Blaise, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN, the 2021 Nurse of the Year - Myrnelle D. Fleur-Aime, MSN-APRN, FNP-BC and the Advisor of the year award given to Prinston Jean-Glaude, CEO and Co-Owner of Primary Medical Care Centers.

    Last but not least, the Board of Directors congratulated and honored the outgoing President 2019-2021 Pauline Louis-Magiste with a plaque and medal - the Unsung Hero & Outstanding Leader in In appreciation of her outstanding commitment, dedication and immeasurable contribution and service to the community & HANA in the midst of COVID-19 global pandemic.

    HANA welcomed the 2021-2023 Executive Board Members: Rose Valcin, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC, President, Katiana St. Thomas Azemar, MSNEd, RN - 1st Vice-President, Myrnelle D. Fleur-Aime, MSN-APRN, FNP-BC - 2nd Vice-President, Nimrode Toussaint, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC - Treasurer, Katiana Blaise, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CCRN, Nancy Henri, MSNEd, APRN, FNP - Assistant Treasurer, and Pepita Jean, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, BMTCN- Assistant Secretary who took their oath to office as they were sworn in by the The Honorable Judge Phoebee R. Francois, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. The gala was amazingly beautiful! Excellent entertainment provided by D.J. Francois. Special thanks to all the HANA Chapters who were in attendance to support as we celebrate 37 years of service excellence.

    Special thanks to all the outgoing Executive Board 2019-2021, HANA members, Advisors, all 11 HANA Chapters, the Masters of Ceremony Brother Jude Christophe Simeon & Dr. Odiane H. Medacier, Rev. Dr. Marion Valcin, Senior Pastor of Adonai Baptist Church, Miami, Florida for providing the invocation, Mr. Jeff Lozama, Advisor, HANA Supporters, Volunteers, Donors, Community & Media Leaders for your continued support!

    We appreciate and give thanks to our Gold Sponsors: Petion Law, Primary Medical Care Center, Miami Dade College, Lynn M.Hood, CEO of Principle Healthcare and Baptist Health. Our thanks go to the Silver Sponsors: St. Thomas University College of Science, Technology & Heath and Dr. Rudolph Moise - Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics.

    Click on the below link to view some images from the event.

  • Sun, September 27, 2020 11:11 PM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

    Introducing HANA’s BULLETIN, a Monthly Forum for our Members and our community.  This September Issue features Ovarian & Uterine Cancer Awareness, Trelegy Drug Spotlight and a Survivor’s Story. Please share with your friends and Colleagues. Each one teach one. Your health is our number one priority. Next issue, October 2020.    



    Education Committee

  • Thu, June 04, 2020 3:35 PM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

    Good afternoon Team HANA.  I am excited to announce that our HANA of Florida YouTube channel is up.  Please visit our YouTube channel, Like, Subscribe, and Share.  Turn on your notification to receive notification when new content is posted.  Do not forget to subscribe and share, share, share!

  • Sun, May 17, 2020 10:57 PM | Pauline Louis-Magiste (Administrator)
    We were all saddened by the fact we had to cancel our 36th Annual Scholarship and Fundraising Gala due COVID-19. Thanks to technology and the generosity of our supporters and sponsors, this past Saturday we were able to conduct our first virtual Scholarship interviews with students from varies nursing schools in South Florida. The recipients will be awarded their scholarships on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020. 
  • Fri, May 15, 2020 12:03 PM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

    Breaking News!  In celebrating National Nurses Month, the Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida (HANA) cordially invites you to the “Celebration of 2020 Healthcare Heroes” where Haitian Artists,  Community Leaders, and Public Officials will pay Special Tribute to all Nurses & HANA. Join us at 8:00pm on Saturday, May 23, 2020 via Zoom & Facebook Live! The theme for this special occasion is HANA: Inspiring Hope, Enriching Lives, and Sharing Our Passion to Care”.

    Please join us for this joyous occasion.  We encourage HANA members who wish to participate via Zoom to please register to notify the Chair of Activity.  

    We look forward to celebrating with you.

    HANA Celebration of 2020 Healthcare Heroes

  • Wed, May 06, 2020 8:12 PM | Myrnelle Fleur-Aime (Administrator)

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